Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

I Need a Job, Where Do I Begin?

I Need a Job
I possibly titled this article “I Need to work at My Own Business adherence”, because in my quest of severe privations and having enough money to pay all the things we want and need, I am ever more worried which way the wind is blowing. If I have never been in a complete mess having no money, then I wonder if anybody else is or has been.

I want to point out something you might have thought never to have to worry about. A idea that has been in my head for years, but is always in a state that keeps me verifying it with a lot of reason.

I teach Jigsaw bankruptcyattorneysqueens.com Academy and I can tell you this idea is like gold to anyone that has an idea of starting his very own business with a limited budget.

One thing you have no money to do is advertise. For most people and most business owners the first thing they do is advertise. Like any viable business your customers and potential customers must be able to find your business if you plan on generating a business. You can do this with a local newspaper, a sign at your front curb, maybe some fliers just sitting around somewhere, or even having your kids sit down and dress! I remember one time I saw this phenomenon and that one was an outline for a business plan. It almost seemed accomplishing the goal of starting a business was not such a bad idea. The first thing the clients would watch was the layout of the business itself, she was worried about whether people would be able to find it or even make it out there to start with if they did.

After the design, the most important part is done they are ready to find “the right” locations (these are locations that have a lot of traffic flow) This is normally called the initial “home base” for a business. Again another thing I had never seen before. An area that each customer will need and sometimes several so if your business is on a corner grocery store that gets your time early in the day you would want a sign that explains where they are located, why you do this, where there is a parking lot, and how to find it. Normally one or two of these good signs will be enough and they can be made with your company’s name and logo in them.

Then the hardest part comes, now you have to get the right customers to pay for what you have to sell. You can find all the names of called customers by using a service of directories in your area. Or you can use one of the major national directories. My local library has exactly what I am talking about for people to contact by phone.

No matter how you look at this each step is crucial no matter if you are just starting out or if you are a previous successful business owner. It even goes further depending on there customers and what they want for their business. When you just get going the idea is to turn and face the flow and do not worry about your problems, the road is quite long in some areas.

You, you customer’s will get to know you and come to love you. And you will become the “go-to” place. You can guess how long it takes to just be known and get word of mouth going. It will depend on whether you really concentrate on everything you hands out and takes good care of your clients. Or if you see it as getting in there way and creating a benefit is having an ongoing effort to remain in front of your clients. You probably think back to all the ideas that have come to you over the years.

Little things do!