Professional Waxing Hair Removal for Men

The time is long gone when only women were allowed to book a waxing hair removal session in a spa. A professional aesthetician who ignores carrying out a waxing hair removal treatment for men is missing out on potential clients. Unlike women who can easily be convinced to go to another spa for waxing, a man who has been satisfied with your services will stick around for a very long time.

Men will not go about discussing their waxing hair removal experiences with their friends. Instead, the will be dependent on the aesthetician who is carrying out the waxing to advise them on how well to take care of the skin after waxing.

Unlike women whose main focus is in the legs, bikini area, armpit, and the eyebrows, men will mostly focus on their chest, back region, and also the neck. The other parts like the eyebrows, armpits, and ears will just be an afterthought.

When carrying out a waxing hair removal for men, it is important to note that every part of a man’s body has different sensitivity levels. Some will feel more pain during a waxing procedure especially the chest. Worn on ensuring that you provide personalized services for each client and you will have them coming back for more services each day.

The pre-waxing rules are the same as what women should follow in regards to trimming the hair that will be waxed to ¼ inch, exfoliation treatment before the waxing, avoiding rigorous physical activities for some days before the waxing and also keeping away from the use of moisturizer a few hours before the appointment.

A man’s chest or back is extensive and if the process is not carried out by a professional, he may feel a lot of pain before the entire area is worked on. No man should allow an unqualified person to conduct the hair removal process as this will be exposing himself to some severe side effects that will result from the process. The skin could even get burnt or bruised in the process.

The side effects that will affect men after a waxing hair removal are less than a woman’s as their bodies are more hydrated.  The aesthetician should, however, know that not all men’s bodies are the same and some may feel a higher level of pain than others.

The products that will be used to carry out a waxing hair removal for men are different due to their intense sweating that they undergo. The products should be convenient to use on a sweaty skin and should also contain ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, or titanium dioxide to help in hydrating and regenerating the skin after the waxing hair removal treatment.

Leaving out the men in your waxing hair removal services in your spa will make you lose an income from customers who will not just come once but will remain loyal for a very long time. Get the right products and create awareness on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, among others. You can also liaise with people who sell men’s products who will help in giving brochures regarding your waxing services to their male clients.